The Super Car Game


The Super Car Game is a technology research that I've been doing in my free time for my own entertainment. The primary goal was to create a realistic vehicle simulation regarding all key components, and having a Ferrari driving experience without being frustrated by not having enough cash to buy one :)

About the technology

The Super Car Game was built in my self made 3D engine.
The underlying rigid body physics simulation is my custom creation, although I'm not satisfied with the collision detection, I'm very happy I could achieve this with so little math/physics knowledge I had. The dynamics simulation is fully modular enabling to simulate theoretically any vehicle that has wheels.
And yes, there is horn in the cars ;)

The Game

When I first managed to add opponents with some basic AI, I decided to make a game out of it, with different game modes and stuff. The game itself is just a framework yet, to play races with the selected car on a track of your choice, and nothing much more.
Unfortunatelly it's still packed with Ferraris, so I can not release it in this form due to lack of licenses.
If the gentlemen in Maranello read this, please contact me! ;)

Physics and game features
- Full-driveline simulation (including clutch, gearbox and turbochargers)
- Differentials (Open, Spool, LSD, Viscous, Salisbury)
- Different drivetrains, front/rear wheel drive and 4X4
- Pacejka's tire model, with various combined behavior and relaxation methods
- Suspension (including anti-rollbar, bump-stops, jacking, anti-pitch, caster, dynamic camber)
- Aero-dynamics (wings, diffuser, slipstreaming)
- Driving assist for keyboard and controller
- G-simulation on the driver's head, and indication of driver injury at collisions
- Simulating tire and break temperature, heat radiation, tire pressure dirt and wear
- Different weather conditions
- Competitive AI opponents
- Full support for force-feedback wheels and accessories
- XBox 360 controller support with vibration
- Authentic mode for hard-core drivers
- Custom gerbox layouts, built-in support for dog-leg gearbox
- Adaptive bezier track-surface-fitting and surface displacemenet maps

Possible future developments
- Hydroplaning
- Automatic gearbox and torque converter
- Visual tire wear
- Active dashboard
- Liquid temperatures
- Backfire
- Lubrication, dry-sump/wet-sump, oil starvation
- Visual damages
- Mechanical damages
- Better racing AI (pit-stops, level of aggression, mistakes)
- Traffic vehicle AI
- Dynamic weather change
- Dynamic track conditions
- Night races / lights
- In-game tunable components
- In-game car customization
- Better audio effects (tunnels, ambiences)
- Real-time telemetry